Benefits and Features of Artificial Hedges


Never worry about watering or maintenance!

Arturf Africa Boxwood Shrub and Amazon hedge panels will maintain their full and thick foliage all year long with no maintenance required.

It takes almost no time or work to install our Insta hedges to almost any surface. Within a few hours, anybody can have a lush hedge in their yard, home, or office.

Catching sun rays is a great way to pass the time and enjoy the great weather. Unfortunately, all of those great rays can also pose potential health and safety risks for you and those around you.

Our Insta hedges provide UV protection to give you and your family a little extra peace of mind on those bright days.

Not only are our hedges’ colours super realistic, but they have also been UV Protected! All of our synthetic hedge panels are designed to resist fading due to light, water, and other natural elements.

Artificial hedge panels can be easily secured to almost any surface, as well as having securely interlocking snaps for each panel to fit together perfectly.

Mother Nature may create beautiful things, but she is also a force to be reckoned with. Our synthetic hedges and privacy walls are created to be able to withstand harsh weather conditions year-round.


Installation of Artificial Hedges:


Tools Required:

  • Scaffolding if the area to be installed is high
  • Nail in Anchor
  • Steel Mesh
  • Green shade cloth
  • Artificial hedges
  • Measuring equipment
  • Level
  • Cable Ties
  • Drill

Installation process of Artificial Hedges onto an existing wall:

  • Measure the area and outline the area to be installed
  • Fix the steel mesh onto the wall using nail and anchors
  • Fix the shade cloth to the steel mesh using cable ties
  • Interlock the artificial hedge panels
  • Lastly, tie the artificial hedges to the shade cloth using cable ties


Installing of artificial hedges onto wood:

  • Use wood screws to fasten the shade cloth to the wood if you require more denseness
  • You could use wood screws directly to fasten the artificial hedges to the wood (there are existing holes that can be utilised to fix the artificial hedges to the existing wooden structure or framework.


Installing artificial hedges onto a fence:

  • Use cable ties to tie the hedges directly onto the fence or you can add the shade cloth for more opacity behind the hedges


Artificial Hedge Amazon installedArtificial Hedge Amazon installed

















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