Real Grass, when properly maintained and in the good quality condition is probably better and more ideal than synthetic grass. The reality is that the maintenance of natural grass at a premium level is near impossible simply due to weather constraints and high cost, especially with the world’s population ever-increasing and climates changing, water conservation has become a necessity in many countries. 

The inventive research and development of fake grass were to compensate for natural grass’s inadequacies in the first place. Synthetic grass became an alternative to natural grass rather quickly because of its resilience to withstand high traffic, low maintenance, and virtually no watering. It is well known that artificial grass was manufactured based on natural grass and to cover its disadvantages, therefore, making it more advantageous than natural grass. 

Here are a few reasons why synthetic grass is better than real grass

Comparing synthetic grass to natural grass in different applications 


1. Synthetic Grass for Homeowners and property managers (Arturf Africa offers the supply and installation of artificial grass to help homeowners get the most out of their gardens.) 


Homeowners and property managers know how challenging it can be to maintain an attractive outdoor environment throughout the year, especially the dry summer months when rain is insufficient, and your lawn ends up with huge sand patches looking like it hasn’t been taken care of. 

Well-maintained landscaping is essential because it indicates to homeowners that they live in a quality neighbourhood. However, maintaining outdoor landscaping can be costly and time-consuming, especially if you’re managing multiple large properties. Synthetic turf is the perfect solution for property managers as it provides an evergreen appearance with practically no maintenance and increases property value.

Most homeowners want to add value to their property regardless if they are selling or staying put. Research shows that many people have started to spend more time in their gardens over the last 5 years. Since South Africa’s crime rate is so high and child trafficking is on the rise, many South African homeowners have opted to secure their homes with state of the art security gates and transform their garden outdoor spaces into multi-purpose social areas for their family’s safety and protection, not forgetting playgrounds for the kids. These features would appeal to any home buyers and thus increase the property value. completed a study on how synthetic grass increases the value of a property by up to 40%.

artificial grass adds value to your property

Six (6) simple ways Synthetic Grass will add value to your property:

  • Low Maintenance

No need for fertilizing, mowing or garden services equals no extra cost. 

  • Weather-resistant

Fake Grass does not lose its colour due to the rays of the sun. No sandy patches in summer. No mud in rainy seasons and 

  • Water-wise

No watering required, saving water saves time, money and the world.

  • Pet-Friendly

Pets adore synthetic grass; they can tell the difference. Pet urine will not discolour the artificial grass and can be rinsed off with simple detergents like sunlight liquid and water.

  • Child Safe

Toddlers can learn to walk without concern of injury when falling; however, there are different variants of artificial grass and when considering kids, one should opt for a denser synthetic turf. 

  • Popular Demand

Synthetic grass naturally has an aesthetic appeal making it pleasing to any eye in fact and also because of the water crisis in South Africa, sales have gone up as people still want a beautiful garden. 

Green is the prime colour of the world and that from which its loveliness arises. – Pedro Calderon De La Barca

The supply and installation of artificial turf are significantly higher than that of natural grass, albeit natural grass maintenance cost far exceeds the little to no maintenance of artificial grass. 

Increase your property values and see a significant ROI after just two years on average by switching to fake grass. If you’re a Homeowner or Property Manager looking for landscaping solutions for your residences, consider artificial turf from Arturf Africa. All our products are non-toxic, lead-free, and backed by the best warranty in the industry. 


If you’d like a free sample of one of our market-leading synthetic turf products, fill out the form here or give us a call on (021) 447 2803.


2. Playgrounds and Recreational Facilities


Safety standards of playgrounds have advanced over the years along with technology. Not only are unsafe playground equipment at fault for children sustaining injuries but more importantly the surface of the playground. 

Synthetic turf installed with a shock pad is better suited for playgrounds as it provides superb shock absorption, resistance to heavy foot traffic and low upkeep is required. 

Natural grass is just not resilient enough to withstand heavy traffic and therefore less safe and soft for the little ones. 

Wouldn’t it be a pleasure to have the family along with their kids over without having to constantly worry about them falling off the play gym and getting injured? Contact us for a free no-obligation quotation or call on 021-447-2803.

The maintenance of synthetic grass vs natural grass 

  1. Synthetic turf’s most significant appeal is its ability to remain even in colour and height all year long. 
  2. Its uniform height, colour, and thickness make it look luxurious and healthy even during the driest summer months as well as the frosty wet winters (no mud). 
  3. Dual-tone blades give the turf a realistic appearance while ensuring that it always looks well-maintained
  4. The cost of watering and gardening large residential complexes is tens of thousands of Rands each year. With artificial grass installation, this figure is reduced exponentially. 
  5. There’s no need to hire a landscaper to mow, edge, fertilize, or otherwise maintain your artificial turf. 
  6. Daily watering can also be eliminated, as synthetic grass doesn’t require watering to maintain its green appearance. 
  7. No need to invest in costly irrigation systems or gardening services, your landscaping costs are reduced to a fraction of their original price.


3. Sports Fields

Is synthetic grass more suitable for sports fields than natural grass?

Synthetic Grass for sports fields became a solution to the high alimony or upkeep of natural surface sports fields. The high cost of maintenance a real-grass sports field requires, coupled with the need to conserve water has led to an increasing number of schools, parks, municipalities, and large stadiums to opt for synthetic grass in order to meet their requirements. 

Also, many sports facilities are moving indoors, and real grass simply cannot grow indoors.

Arturf Africa has partnered with Limonta Sport, an Italian based company that is an international leader in the construction of synthetic grass football pitches, rugby fields, hockey and many high-quality sports surfaces for professional-level practices. 

Let us look at how the technological advancements of artificial grass have shaped and paved the way for many sports.

  • FIFA Soccer


The range of Limonta Sports products offered for football pitches ensures playability comparable to the best natural surfaces, regardless of season or weather conditions. In October 2009, FIFA included Limonta Sport in the shortlist of FIFA PREFERRED PRODUCER for Football Turf, highlighting the company’s leadership in the international market.

The numerous installations and FIFA Recommended pitches installed by Limonta Sport all over the world are our best business card and a sure indicator of the reputation Limonta products hold.

FIF quality turf vs natural turf

  • Rugby


World Rugby Preferred Turf Producer

Since 2011, Limonta Sport has been WORLD RUGBY PREFERRED TURF PRODUCER for rugby pitches, confirming the leading role that the company maintains in the world of artificial turf for sport.

The World Rugby Regulation 22 is the regulatory framework for the provision of artificial turf surfaces for rugby, which is valid for all clubs, municipalities and associations. This framework aims to drive evolution in terms of materials, developing new standards that respect the history and tradition of the game, and establishing the main performance features and maintenance guidelines that focus on the players’ health and safety.

As a World Rugby Preferred Turf Producer, Limonta Sport ensures the highest possible levels of playability and performance are achieved on its pitches and guarantees that the installations are both safe and perfect, pledging to constantly meet the developing needs of the rugby world and pursuing the ambitious target of contributing to the evolution of the whole sector.


International Hockey Federation Certified Manufacturer

The International Hockey Federation (FIH) has developed a detailed international programme to ensure quality, provide structured industry standards for safety and durability of the installation of field hockey pitches, and to guarantee excellent performance at all levels of play.

As a FIH Certified Manufacturer, Limonta Sport forms parts of an exclusive group that works in constant partnership with the FIH to certify the quality of materials in each hockey pitch installed worldwide and to protect their customers’ investments.

This prestigious certification shows Limonta Sport’s ability to produce products for field hockey that conform to standards, while proving that the company shares the Federation’s commitment to promoting hockey, as well as the relevant best practices on a global scale.


The PVC products range is certified by FIBA (International Basketball Federation) and ITF (International Tennis Federation). They meet the increasingly stringent standards for safety and fire resistance, as well as specific European regulations for sports flooring.

Such certifications were awarded to Limonta Sport after a particularly strict selection process and prove the company is able to provide the highest level of guarantee in terms of: production process and quality control, design and value of the finished product, expertise during installation, post-sale assistance, experience in the sector and understanding of the athletes’ needs.


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